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International Mycotoxin Conference 2014 successfully opened in Beijing


     The International Mycotoxin Conference 2014, organized by Institute of Agro-products Processing Science and Technology (IAPPST-CAAS), International Society for Mycotoxicology, and Divisional of Mycotoxicology, Mycological Society of China, was successfully opened in Beijing on May 20th. Mr. Chen Mengshan, Secretary of the Leading Party Group of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS), Prof. Dr. Antonio Logrieco, President of International Society for Mycotoxicology, Mr. Jin Fazhong, Deputy Director General, Bureau of Quality and Safety Supervision for Agro-Products, Prof. Dr. Wu Kongming, Vice President of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Science, Mr. Marcus Klinger, Head of Agriculture Division, EU Delegation to China, Prof. Dr. Liu Yang, President of International Mycotoxin Conference 2014 presented on the opening ceremony. The conference was presided over by Prof. Dr. Dai Xiaofeng, Director General of IAPPST-CAAS.

      Mr. Chen pointed out in his opening speech that mycotoxin exists in food and feed, threats the health of people and animals and has drawn worldly wide attention. Scientist of all over the world has made great progress in mycotoxin prevention and control research. Chinese government attaches high importance on mycotoxin prevention and control in agro-products and continuously supports mycotoxin research in central government scientific program and National Natural Science Foundation of China. CAAS, with the support of the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Finance of China, has built the mycotoxin prevention and control team as a key innovation team in National Agricultural Science and Technology Innovation team.

     Mr. Chen emphasized that to solve the food security, food safety and environmental safety problem, to meet the challenge of climate change, water shortage, environment pollution as well as the population growth, put new requirements to agricultural scientific innovation and international cooperation. In 2014, the Chinese government puts more importance of food quality and safety, calls to build the whole-process agro-products quality and safety supervision system, make laws and standard system, and promote international cooperation.

      Mr. Chen stated, CAAS holds the principle of equality and mutual benefit and has established an extensive partnership network with 83 countries, 35 international organizations and 6 multinational corporations on agricultural research around the world. To date, 13 international organizations and foreign institutions have set up regional, national or project offices at CAAS. 41 joint research labs/centers have also been developed with international partners. CAAS promotes the agricultural scientific cooperation, actively participates in solving the world food security, food safety and environmental safety issue.

      Mr. Jin Fazhong, delivered a keynote speech of “Overview of Biotoxin Control and Quality and Safety of Agro-Products in China”, which elaborated the achievements made by Chinese government in biotoxin control from the aspects of policy, scientific research, discipline construction, research team and capacity building.

     Prof. Dr. Dai pointed out that International Society for Mycotoxicology (ISM) authorized the Institute of Agro-Products Processing Science and Technology (IAPPST) of CAAS to host the 2014 International Mycotoxin Conference, which is not only a recognition of the achievements made in both the basic and applied researches of mycotoxin in China, but also a sign of trust and support given to CAAS. IAPPST has set up a mycotoxin research laboratory with national inspection qualifications by CNCA and MOA as early as its establishment. IAPPST has been supported by national funds of National Key Fundamental Research Program, Introducing Advanced Foreign Program, National High-Tec Program and National Natural Science Foundation of China. IAPPST is in the domestic leading position in the researches on basics of formation mechanism and prevention and control of agro-product mycotoxin, surveys on mycotoxin and toxingenic strains contamination, agro-product mycotoxin control technologies and mycotoxin metabolism and degradation mechanisms. He expressed that IAPPST would make a positive contribution to the further enhancement of the multi-level, wide-range and all-round international cooperation with agricultural institutions and international organizations, the overcoming of mycotoxin research challenges, and the improvement of world food safety.

     The International Mycotoxin Conference as the Olympic of mycotoxin research, is the only one, the largest and most influential international academic conference in the field of mycotoxin research. It is a platform for global mycotoxin scientists to exchange cutting-edge sciences and share their wisdom and thoughts and an important initiative for institutions and organizations in different countries to explore ways to cooperate with each other and jointly promote agricultural science and technology innovations. The successful of the International Mycotoxin Conference 2014 demonstrates the achievements in mycotoxin research in China, enhances the influence of China in mycotoxin research in the world; presents the cutting-edge research in mycotoxin research, promotes the establishment of China’s mycotoxin control technology system, provides technological and intellectual support to China’s food security, food safety and environmental safety; promotes the construction of world first mycotoxin research innovation team as well as the scientific exchanges in the world.

     According to the President of the conference Pro. Dr. Liu Yang, at present for mycotoxin contamination of agricultural products in the process of planting, harvesting, storage and processing, our country had established the national agricultural mycotoxin and toxin-producing fungi database, bred several mycotoxins resistant cultivars, developed the inhibitors, degradation agents and a complete set of equipment against Aspergillus flavus and Fusarium spp., whose inhibition rate of fungi and the toxin was above 98%, also developed the mycotoxin contamination grain gravity separation equipment, laser separation equipment, and 10 or more items of removal techniques, and formed a complete set of scheme of prevention and control of mycotoxin, which was popularized and applied in the national demonstration. These made an important contribution to the prevention and control of mycotoxin.

     Prof. Dr. John Gilbert, Editor in Chief, Food addictives & contaminants, Prof. Dr. Gordon Shephard, Vice President of International Society for Mycotoxicology, Prof. Dr. Rudolf Krska, General Secretary of International Society for Mycotoxicology, Prof. Dr. Liu Xingzhong, President of Mycological Society of China, Prof. Dr. Zhang Lubiao, Director General, Department of International Cooperation, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Science presented in the opening ceremony. More than 300 scientists in mycotoxin research from 28 countries and regions in the world participated in the Conference to discuss and exchange the fields of mycotoxins toxicity to people or animals, mycotoxins detection, monitoring and early warning, mycotoxins synthesis of molecular path, planting, harvesting, storage, transportation and processing of the whole industry chain in the prevention and control of mycotoxin, food and feed mycotoxins removal and detoxification, and global strategy in the areas of prevention and control of mycotoxins.