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Guangdong and Guangxi peanut night seized 250 kg peanut oil issue

    On the evening of May 7, 2015, the central television station "Topics in Focus" reported that some peanut oil workshops in farmer's markets from Guangxi, Wuzhou and Guangdong, Zhaoqing sold peanut oil mixed with soybean oil, palm oil or animal fat. Guangdong Provincial Food and Drug Administration investigated the issues and asked the food and drug regulatory authorities to deal with issues on cooking oil being adulterated.  
    Even if looks clear, the inferior peanut oil exposed by CCTV is in check. It was mixed with other oil and essence, and the concentration of AFB1 in it was 3 or 4 times higher than the safety limit.  Chen Zhiyong, the director of Guangdong food and cosmetics safety evaluation centre, said that Hol Tin Hung is arsenic. Aflatoxin toxicity is 68 times as that of Hol Tin Hung, and 10 times as that of the potassium cyanide. A small amount of long-term aflatoxin accumulation may cause liver damage. It is a class of carcinogen, and its carcinogenic capacity is 4,000 times as that of benzopyrene.
    After the CCTV exposure, the evening of May 7, the Guangdong Provincial Food and Drug Administration sent a steering group to Zhaoqing, and organized the local food and drug regulatory authorities deal with the peanut oil problem. Food and drug regulatory department with the help of the police departments checked the farmers market cooking oil shops exposed by CCTV, and sealed up suspected adulterated oil, including 0.25 tons of peanut oil, 8.3 tons of palm oil, 2 tons of soybean oil, and send some related product sampling inspection. On May 8, the Bureau of Guangdong province organized Zhaoqing food and drug regulatory departments to check shops selling oil in the farmers' markets. Guangdong Provincial Food and Drug Administration made a comprehensive inventory of edible oil market, and emphasized that the adulterated products would be sealed up, and the enterprises involved in problem product would be handled according to the law.