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Second China Mycotoxin Conference held in Beijing

来源:Farmers' Daily发布时间:2019-05-31
From 10th to 12th, May 2019, Second China Mycotoxin Conference was hosted by the Division of Mycotoxicology Mycological Society of China, Beijing Academy of Agriculture and Forestry Sciences, Institute of Food Science and Technology CAAS and mycotoxins.cn in Beijing. At the opening ceremony, Fazhong Jin (Director of Center of Quality and Safety, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs), Zhiling Wang (Deputy Director of Beijing Academy of Agriculture and Forestry Sciences), Dequan Zhang (Deputy Director of Institute of Food Science and Technology CAAS) and Yang Liu (Chairman of Division of Mycotoxicology Mycological Society of China) gave introductory speech about the importance of prevention and control of mycotoxins in food and feed.
Mycotoxins are toxic secondary metabolites produced by filamentous fungi contaminating various food and feed posing serious health risks for both human and animals worldwide. China is one of the most affected countries by mycotoxin contamination due to the suitable climate and storage condition for mycotoxin production. Statistically, there is around 31 million tons of yield loss resulting from mycotoxin contamination. Thus, there is a pressing need for mycotoxin monitoring, prevention and control in order to ensure the safety of food and feed, but this would be long-lasting and systematic work. To this end, Chinese government is paying high attention to mycotoxin prevention and control. As a result of this, many achievements have been obtained in this field, having established integrated system to prevent and control mycotoxins along the whole supply chains.
Second China Mycotoxin Conference is themed with “enhance the ability of prevention, control and detoxification of mycotoxins in food and feed in China for the health of consumers”. It consists mainly of 8 sessions, namely “biosynthesis of mycotoxins”, “monitoring and early warning of mycotoxins”, “status quo of mycotoxin contamination”, “standards of mycotoxins” “toxicity of mycotoxins”, “detection of mycotoxins” “prevention and control of mycotoxins” and “detoxification of mycotoxins”. This conference has attracted more than 260 experts from universities, institutes, corporations and quality inspection centers and so forth. Among these, 60 invited speakers gave their fantastic presentation involving mycotoxin biosynthesis and regulation, detoxification and detection etc., with the aim to share the up-to-date research achievements on mycotoxins in food and feed.
Professor Liu said, Second China Mycotoxin Conference is another academic feast in the field of mycotoxin arena in China after First China Mycotoxin Conference. It provides an open platform to share the knowledge in the field of the early monitoring, toxicology and decontamination of mycotoxins in agricultural products in China. Also, it is of great importance to guard the food and feed safety in China, by promoting technological development and transformation to cut down the food and economic loss caused by mycotoxin contamination.