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Prof. Rudolf Krska was invited to IAPPST for academic exchanges in 10th, April, 2015



    Professor Rudolf Krska of Bioanalytics and Organic Trace Analysis, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna visited the Institute of Agro-Products Processing Science and Technology, CAAS, in March, 10th, 2015. Professor Rudolf Krska gave a interesting presentation. Professor Liu Yang’s research team introduced their research updates  in the field of prevention and control of mycotoxin, and it was followed by discussion with Professor Rudolf Krska and both the sides exchanged their ideas.
    The major research direction of Professor Rudolf Krska is organic trace material analysis, quantitative analysis of the secondary metabolites of plants and microorganisms, and food contamination surveillance. He and his labs colleagues had published more than hundreds papers on Food Chem Toxicol, Mycotoxin Reseach, Toxins and other journals. Professor Rudolf Krska is the leader in the field of mycotoxins research. He made great contributions for the effective control of mycotoxin contamination in food. This academic exchange enhanced understanding and friendship between the two sides, and laid a good foundationfor further strengthen cooperation.