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Prof. Yang Liu participated in “Future of Food” workshop in Singapore

    Prof Liu Yang visited “Future of Food” workshop in Singapore on 7th May, 2015. Future of Food was organized by Future Agenda – World in 2025 (http://www.futureagenda.org).  Experts were invited from different parts of Asia and discuss on various issues of food security. Some key topics were discussed in the workshop such as Reducing food waste, Investment in innovation, Efficient production, Maintaining global food security, Sustainable consumption, Benefits from globalization, Education and economics, Increasing Competition for grains, Second green revolution, Pharma foods, Reinventing diets, Zero waste, Food as currency etc.  The workshop was supported by Erber group of companies which are leading firm in the field of feed and food safety.
    Later Prof Yang had collaborative discussion with Mr. Erber, Founder of the Erber group of companies, for long term collaboration in the field of feed safety.