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Mycotoxins Harm to Human and Animal Health

    The mycotoxins have great harm to people and animals. Prevent mycotoxins disease, the first thing is that we should prevent food and feed from mildew.

    Grain feed when not fully dried at harvest time or storage temperature or high humidity can make the fungal growth rapidly. Almost all fungi in the grain warehouse reduce germination by infection of embryo and contaminate it with toxins. Grain moisture content is an important factor of fungal growth and toxin-producing. Generally the food stored under conditions of relative humidity less than 70%, the grain moisture content of 15% or less can control mold growth.

    Most of the fungus can grow in 20 to 28 °C, and under 10°C  or above 30°C, the fungal growth weakens. It can hardly grow at 0°C. The generation of general control temperature can reduce the mycotoxin. But some Fusarium sp can produce toxin at 7°C in grain. It is interesting that microbiologists have found that microbes can produce aflatoxins inhibitors, the application of this inhibitor greatly reduces the aflatoxin contamination.

    People in Beijing on May 20 report (reporter Mary), Chen Mengshan, party secretary of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences , gave an speech at International mycotoxins Conference 2014 today. He pointed out that according to the United Nations food and agriculture organization (FAO), 25% of agricultural products have been mycotoxin contamination worldwide every year. In our country, due to individual farmers planting, storage methods, as well as the Yangtze River and South China hot and humid weather, the impact of consumer habits, mycotoxin contamination of agricultural products subject to more serious.

    According to the Institute of agricultural products processing, CAAS, ten years from 2001 to 2011, because of the influence of mycotoxin contamination, China's exports to the EU food violation events of 2559, including mycotoxins overweight accounted for 28.6%. It is higher than heavy metals, food additives, agricultural residues and other factors the public known as. It is also the highest ratio in a single event. The researcher of CAAS, who chaired the meeting, liu Yang believes that mycotoxin overweight has become the biggest obstacle of our country agricultural product exports to the EU, for the grain and oil processing and export enterprises in our country caused enormous economic loss.

    "The Chinese government attaches great importance to the prevention and control of mycotoxins," Jin Fazhong ,the chief of Agricultural products quality and safety supervision bureau, Ministry of Agriculture, said Quality and Safety Authority, the Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Science and pollution related research project have been investigated and were released and revised mycotoxins in 2005 and 2011 the limits, to a certain extent, reduce mycotoxins on human health hazards. "In recent years the world within the scope of poisoning due to mycotoxin contamination did not happen again."

    International mycotoxins Conference is considered to be "Olympic" in the field of mycotoxins. Liu Yang, the researchers said the conference we host is good for China .On the one hand, the conferenc set up a platform for the domestic and foreign communication to discuss the latest mycotoxin detection, monitoring, early warning, and prevention and control technology. On the other hand, it also shows China's efforts in the field of prevention and control of mycotoxin and achievement. It will help to improve the country in this field of international influence and voice in international standards or regulations limit-setting.